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Miramonte Day School is a Nationally Accredited Center and participates in Quality First, Arizona’s Quality Improvement and Rating.  MDS joined our family in June 2016. Located near Reid Park Zoo Miramonte offers exceptional care for infants through school-age children.  (Transportation for school age children is available to and from Robison, Lineweaver, Borton, Pueblo Gardens, Drachman and Naylor Roberts Elementary Schools. You can see the list of schools we service here.)  Miramonte uses a contemporary Child Development philosophy of education, programs are designed to encourage physical, intellectual, social and emotional growth in young children.  This philosophy of education teaches independence, responsibility, self-discipline and cognitive development at the child’s own pace, stressing the uniqueness of each child. Parents are involved through observation and daily parent/teacher/child interaction. 

What People Say About Us

5 stars
Robyn Bellestri
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As a parent it is important to ensure the safety and welfare of your child. When walking into this facility I immediately felt welcomed. All my questions were answered, I was able to view references as well as the facility policy. I love the structured schedules for the children and the creative activities provided. The staff is well trained and very patient with the children. I especially loved how some of the teacher were actually down on the floor playing with the children, and the interactions really indicated how much the kids liked the staff and vice versa. The facility itself was much cleaner than the last 2 I looked at and didn’t reek of urine!! I am a sneaky person and kind of set up some of the staff but they blew me away with answers to questions and statements. I went back 2 more times to make sure I was making the right choice and when my child ran up to one of the staff and hugged them , I knew this was it, my child does NOT do that !! Not even with family. Children seem to sense the good in others. After speaking to staff and the Director I feel confident that I made the right choice!! Thank you Miramonte day School for providing a safe and happy environment for my child… I truly am impressed!
Tracy Byers
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My 16 month old daughter absolutely loves this place!!! Every time we go she gets really excited. I'm grateful for their support in raising my child. They have helped her reach her mile stones and now that she's walking they are helping with her potty training! I couldn't ask for a better daycare. I totally believe that it takes a community to raise a child and Miramonte Day School is an amazing community.
Alejandra “Ale” Salas
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I am very satisfied with the child care they provide for my son Leo. He is loved and care for and i am so grateful to them for taking such great care of my leo.
Tora D
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so far so good my 4 year old son loves it there, he has his moments but they are very patient with him, and that's what I needed
Marisa L
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Wonderful teachers, wonderful facility, I would recommend them to anyone.
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Shawna Merritt

Center Director

Meet Our Director

I am Shawna Merritt, the Director of Miramonte Day School, a vibrant preschool in Tucson, Arizona. With deep roots in this community, I feel privileged to serve the families and children who call this place home. In my personal life, my loving family brings me immense joy. I am married with two wonderful children and three precious granddaughters. When I’m not working, I love exploring Arizona’s breathtaking landscapes through hiking and spending quality time with my loved ones. My dog holds a special place in my heart and brings me pure happiness.

Professionally, I have dedicated over 20 years to working with children, with a particular passion for preschool-aged kids. As the Director, I aim to provide a nurturing environment where children can grow, learn, and thrive. Early childhood education is crucial, and I am honored to support children’s development and foster their love for learning. I am driven by my deep care for children’s well-being and strive to create a warm and engaging atmosphere at Miramonte Day School, where each child is valued and encouraged to reach their full potential.

“I love working with children because they are so quirky, their laughter and energy is so contagious “

All Meals Are Provided

We are proud to be part of the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).  We provide breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack times throughout the day and meals are included in tuition to make sure every child has access to them. We believe that providing nutritious meals helps children have more energy for learning and gives them the fuel they need to succeed in life.


We want children as early as possible to appreciate the importance of reaching out beyond themselves and into the community. Small Miracles schools offer a range of programs for children 6 weeks to 12 years.

Infant Program

At Small Miracles, we know that a baby's growth and development depends on individualized care and experiences. That is why we make it our focus to meet the needs of each infant. To do so, we provide our staff of caregiver educators with the tools they need to develop strong connections and trust with each baby they interact with. This trust allows the little ones to feel secure and confident enough to take part in play as well as early childhood learning activities. We are committed to providing this supportive environment, ensuring that your baby gets the best start possible.

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Toddler Program

We understand that the transition to toddlerhood can be a tumultuous one. Every child is unique and has their own needs and wants that must be respected during this challenging time. With our experienced teachers, we strive to craft an environment where children can explore, learn, and make progress with self-reliance. As with all of our classrooms, we attempt to control the environment, not the little people in it. When our teachers fill the classroom with wonder and awe, children focus on reading, dancing, singing, painting, playing and so much more!

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Preschool Program

This is another step on the journey of life. While want to prepare children to be successful in school, we know they will be if we take great advantage of the time we have together. Instead of pushing developmentally inappropriate lessons and activities on our children, our teachers work to plan for each child’s needs - whether they are learning to hold a pencil, write their name, learn conflict resolution skills and so much more. We know that children who experience child centered environments perform better in elementary school and in life. This confidence pushed us to offer the very best.

Before & After-School Program

A great way to keep your kids active and learning outside of school hours. Parents can take advantage of our before & after-school program and give their kids an engaging experience outside of the classroom. From exploring the creative arts, to playing spirited sports, to getting that much-needed homework help, there's something for everyone. Plus, we provide the convenience of transportation to and from schools, so parents don't have to worry about a hectic schedule. Transportation is provided to and from local schools and our classrooms are open all day on school holidays.

We Offer Quality First Scholarships

All Small Miracles locations participate in First Things First’s signature program, Quality First. Quality First works with child care and preschool providers across Arizona to improve the quality of their early learning settings for children from birth to age 5. We also offer Quality First Scholarships that cover most or all of the cost of child care for children 0 – 5. Please contact a location near you to find out about scholarship availability.

We are committed to quality improvement and going beyond regulatory requirements to help the infants, toddlers and preschoolers be ready for success in kindergarten and beyond. Our strong belief is that continuous quality improvement not only benefits our children but out teachers and community equally. For more information, visit QualityFirstAZ.com.

How to Enroll

At Small Miracles, we understand that finding quality child care can be a difficult task. That’s why we’ve made it easy to get started at one of our locations. Simply follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to providing your child with the care they need and deserve.

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The process of registering your child is easy and straightforward. First, schedule a tour of one of our facilities by clicking the button below, or just drop in. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you have and show you around.
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Step 2: Complete & Submit Registration Forms
Once you've decided that Small Miracles Education is the right fit for your family, the next step is to fill out a registration form. This can be done online or in person at our office. After we receive your registration form, we will follow up with you to confirm enrollment and provide you with all the information you need to get started.
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Step 3: Look forward to your child’s first day of school!
Registering your child for school is an exciting milestone! Once you're registered, your child will have access to our innovative curriculum, experienced teachers, and state-of-the-art facilities. And you can look forward to your child’s first day of school!
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Keeping Families Connected

At Small Miracles Preschools, we understand how important it is for our families to stay connected with us and their child’s development. That’s why we’ve made sure that WatchMeGrow® helps bridge the gap between home and school. Our exclusive family app gives parents peace of mind, allowing them to keep an eye on their precious ones with live streaming video of the classroom and much more. Keep up-to-date with your child’s progress throughout the day with WatchMeGrow®!

Proud to be Nationally Accredited!

Of the 2,000+ early childhood centers in Arizona only 10% are nationally accredited. Most Small Miracles schools are nationally accredited.

Being accredited is a rigorous process that includes the evaluation of your schools overall educational program and its adherence to the best early learning practices. In the United States only 5% of all early learning centers are accredited.

Care & Security for Your Child

We welcome you to experience our top rated childcare facilities in person. Visit us to learn more about our quality preschool programs to see if Small Miracles is the best fit for your family.

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