Programs for All Ages

At Small Miracles, we know how important the early years are in a child’s development. When we care for your child, we have an awesome responsibility. Recent research now reveals that the first three years of life are more critical to a child’s development than we ever imagined. Because this is the time of your child’s most rapid brain development, we have the terrifically important task of helping to build your child’s foundation for lifelong learning.

We Offer Care & Security for Your Child

We take on this task with tremendous enthusiasm and dedication. Our infant and toddler caregivers are actually “educarers”, as they carefully blend the responsibility of providing the highest quality care and security to your child, while at the same time offering your child a wealth of learning experiences through everyday activities. Through warm and responsive care, we help shape your child’s future development and ability to learn.

Our Child Enrichment Program

We are continuously striving to do better in our curriculum. We prioritize creating the best learning experience for all our students, incorporating the latest technologies and up-to-date subject matter into our resources. Small Miracles is proud to participate in the First Things First’s signature program, Quality First. Quality First works with child care and preschool providers across Arizona to improve the quality of their early learning settings for children from birth to age 5. We are committed to quality improvement and going beyond regulatory requirements to help the infants, toddlers and preschoolers be ready for success in kindergarten and beyond. 

Our Unique Childhood Enrichment Program is designed to expand both the learning and development opportunities of preschool aged children. Throughout the year, our program works to reinforce and enrich the daily learning experiences of the children in our care. Additionally, cross-disciplinary skills ranging from problem solving and communicating to working in teams will be practiced.

Our age specific approach to childhood enrichment allows us to offer a program that exceeds Arizona’s standards and help preschool aged children build developmental assets-the assets that will allow your child to become a responsible and successful member of society. Small Miracles Education schools offer early learning experiences for children 6 weeks to 12 years.  Please note, not all schools offer all programs, see each school’s details for more information.


At Small Miracles, we know that a baby's growth and development depends on individualized care and experiences. That is why we make it our focus to meet the needs of each infant. To do so, we provide our staff of caregiver educators with the tools they need to develop strong connections and trust with each baby they interact with. This trust allows the little ones to feel secure and confident enough to take part in play as well as early childhood learning activities. We are committed to providing this supportive environment, ensuring that your baby gets the best start possible.


Here at Small Miracles, we understand that the transition to toddlerhood can be a tumultuous one. Every child is unique and has their own needs and wants that must be respected during this challenging time. With our experienced teachers, we strive to craft an environment where children can explore, learn, and make progress with self-reliance. As with all of our classrooms, we attempt to control the environment, not the little people in it. When our teachers fill the classroom with wonder and awe, children focus on reading, dancing, singing, painting, playing and so much more!


This is another step on the journey of life. While want to prepare children to be successful in school, we know they will be if we take great advantage of the time we have together. Instead of pushing developmentally inappropriate lessons and activities on our children, our teachers work to plan for each child’s needs - whether they are learning to hold a pencil, write their name, learn conflict resolution skills and so much more. We know that children who experience child centered environments perform better in elementary school and in life. This confidence pushed us to offer the very best.

School age after school care AZ

School Age

A great way to keep your kids active and learning outside of school hours. Parents can take advantage of our before & after-school program and give their kids an engaging experience outside of the classroom. From exploring the creative arts, to playing spirited sports, to getting that much-needed homework help, there's something for everyone. Plus, we provide the convenience of transportation to and from schools, so parents don't have to worry about a hectic schedule. Transportation is provided to and from local schools and our classrooms are open all day on school holidays.

Programs that Work for Your Child

Our preschool enrichment program focuses on the developmental and educational needs of young children-emphasizing school-readiness and fun! Our staff of experienced childhood educators will work daily to infuse habits related to school-readiness as measured by Arizona’s Department of Education. We utilize a personalized, developmentally appropriate and integrated childhood enrichment program, designed to promote and foster lifelong learning habits. Here at Small Miracles believe that a child’s eagerness to learn when combined with an appropriate developmental program can strengthen a child’s love of learning and prepare them for exceptional academic performance.

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