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Scottsdale School is a Nationally Accredited Center and participates in Quality First, Arizona’s Quality Improvement and Rating. We offer an exceptionally high standard of child care in Phoenix, Arizona and education for children aged 6 weeks to 12 years.

We promote a message of positive worldly consciousness, modern learning in a family like atmosphere. Our teachers facilitate optimal growth and development of the whole child by creating child centered environments where children can learn through play and exploration. We embrace every child’s unique talents and dreams, believing that each child has unlimited potential to learn about and contribute to our community, our environment and our world.  SELC enrolls children from 6 weeks through 12 years old.  The school age program transports to and from Indian Bend, Whispering Winds, Basis, Desert Shadows, Liberty, Sandpiper and Sequoya Elementary Schools. You can see the list of schools we service here.

What People Say About Us

5 stars
Jessica Day
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We LOVE SELC!! The teachers are amazing and have been there for many years, my girls have been attending SELC since 2017! It’s an amazing experience; both of our girls are above par in speech, manners and care for others. Thank you for all you do SELC!
Alexia Wise
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My kids have been going here for about a year now. This is the best decision I could have made for them. They are always coming home with projects that have been made and new stories about their friends they’ve made. My 4 year old is constantly talking about her teacher. It’s so easy to tell and understand these teachers pour their hearts into this place. The management is top notch. They are always on top of everything and so friendly every time we walk in. I would never consider pulling my children for anywhere else. I love that they have cameras in each of the rooms and I can check in on my kiddos any time of the day! Love love love this place!
Michaela Bauer
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My 3 kids started going to SELC about 6 months ago and they absolutely love it! Being a single mom I was nervous for my kids to be in a daycare for the first time but they made it super easy for me. The activities they do with the kids are super cute, my toddler now has a much wider vocabulary. All staff communicate very well with me about what's going on with my kids and they understand our situation without judgement! This school and its staff are just amazing!
Katie Richerbach
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I highly recommend this school and the teachers! I recently transitioned my two children (10 months and 3 years) to this school due to an in-valley job relocation. I worried about how my 3 year old would respond since she had established a core group of friends at her previous school. I also worried that the teachers in this new baby room wouldn’t be as attentive and caring as the previous provider was for both my kids. Now that it’s been a few months, I am happy to report that both children are flourishing and I couldn’t be more pleased with the teachers. They all seem to enjoy their work, have great camaraderie with one another and genuinely care about each child! My 3 year old is thriving like never before, always running excitedly down the hall to tell me about her day and showing me the project(s) she completed. I couldn’t have fathomed a better transition and am so happy we found SELC!
Ricky Hall
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My daughter and son have been attending SELC since they have been 6 weeks old. They are now 4 and 2 years of age. We love this place. My wife and I absolutely love the teachers who truly love and care for our children! We drop off our kids daily with confidence knowing they are being well taken care off. It is nice knowing we can log onto the cameras to check on their day. They have a great curriculum that changes weekly and are very accommodating to our dietary restrictions. Their rates are reasonable, and the lowest that we found. The staff is friendly and Kim and Sarah up in the office are very friendly and have great communication with us. My children love attending this school and we strongly would recommend this preschool to anyone in need of childcare.
Liene Laub
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We have been very happy with Scottsdale Early Learning center for our son. It’s been a year now since we started in the infant room and now he is already moved to the older kids’ room. At first it was scary to leave the baby with other people, but the cameras in the room are awesome, since we can check in and see what he is up to during the day. The teachers there have been the best. They really care about the babies, are really lovely and would listen to us with the feeding schedules and other requests. Overall it is a very comfortable place for the kids to be.
Vanessa Samelson
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After almost 2 years here at the center, I couldn’t be happier. My daughter loves the daycare and the staff. Ms. Kimberly is amazing at what she does. She makes me feel so comfortable about leaving my daughter for the day. I love the fact that they update their board daily to give parents an idea of what’s going on. I love the meal plan that puts up. It gives parents an idea of what their children eat. My daughter is always clean when I get her and her teacher Ms.Andrea is amazing. She always have her days planned out. They’re always doing an activity. I would recommend this daycare to any first time mom. PS. The live cameras are still up and working, just incase a mommy wants to peak in to see what the littler ones are doing. From the conversation to meeting the staff was amazing. I'm a new mom and of course I don't feel comfortable leaving my infant with strangers but they made us feel right at home. The fact that there is a live camera in the class room gives me all the more confidence. I can't wait until my daughter starts.
Sophia Martinez
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My 3 kids started November 2019 and i have never been more happy and pleased with a daycare center, teachers all greet my kiddos with a smile i love the decorations they always keep the center up to date with decoration i love the cute art my kids come home with
Stephanie Homeier
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We absolutely love this place the staff is like family. They love and care for my kids like their own. My kids are happy when they come home to tell me about everything they did at daycare. The teachers keep special books with drawings, pictures, updates, and such memorable things my kids have done on a weekly basis. Highly recommended. .
Veronica Gatewood
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We have been coming to SELC for 5 years. When the admin changed, we were about to find another daycare. Once we found out my child’s teacher Kim was going to be Director, we stayed. Kim and her staff have always treated not only myself, but my CHILDREN like family. She is patient, knowledgeable, caring, and she definitely wants nothing more than to care for these children, when while she has so many responsibilities. We love you Kim!
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My girls and I have been a part of Scottsdale Early Learning Center for over a year now. My children have graduated classes and moved on to the next level seamlessly. Sarah who is now the Assistant Director was my four year old's teacher and I could not have been more pleased. She is kind, patient and compassionate. Sarah and Kim, who is the new Director have been invested into S.E.L.C for a few years and their dedication shows as they are now running the school as a dynamic duo. I would recommend this daycare to any of my friends and have several times. I can even watch my children on the cameras throughout the day. So grateful for a safe and reliable environment to entrust my most valuable littles in!!!
Jessica McCown
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This is the best School EVER. My Son has been coming here since he was 6 weeks old. The director, Kim has been so great to us and has been a pleasure to see and work with everyday. My Son listens to her more than me most days and she's always willing to go there extra mile and talk me thru those hard Mommy days. They have a curriculum they follow everyday so the kids actually learn things and retain the information. There is art all over the walls from the kids and it always smells SO good in there! You'd never believe there were 30 kids in the back. There is also a code you have to enter to open the door. That extra security is always nice to see. I'm so happy to have found this day care. Its a hidden Gem here in Scottsdale and you'd be crazy to go anywhere else.
Tara Whitton
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My daughter has attended SELC since she was 6 weeks old and she has loved every day there. I have always felt comfortable with the staff and teachers and couldn't be happier with my decision to enroll her there. Cameras in every classroom are definitely a plus, which makes you feel more at ease when leaving your little ones. I would recommend SELC to everyone.
Michael Wright
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My two youngest, 4 and 2, attend SELC. We have been with the school for over 3 years now and I highly recommend them!! The director, assistant, and staff have always been responsive to our needs, loving toward the kids, and actively help them grow as people. Our 4 year old will be testing for early enterance to kindergarten and they have helped prepare him educationally and emotionally. Ms. Kim has become a trusted friend over the last years. Their 2 year old class teacher, Ms. Amira, is absolutely amazing. If you are looking for a great daycare that will help your children grow and experience the joy of childhood, this is the place!
Adriana Cavazos
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Our kids love this place! we have 3, and we are so happy to see them having good times there. Mrs. Catherine, Miss Amira, Miss Mercedes, Miss Kim and all of them they are really good with kids, they always having art projects and they learn so much with the circle time, story time, free playing time, it's awesome. They also help us with the potting training. Best daycare facility in the area, and when I said so, it is because we started at Kids Inc, which was one of my worst experience ever that was 3 years ago, then and we switch to SELC and what a difference! The watch me grow program it is the cherry at top, it is so wonderful that you can see live time your kids all day in your phone or your computer, they even have cameras at the playground areas, so happy to see them!!
Adriana Cavazos
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While granted EVERY daycare has it's puts and downs this one has got to be at the top of my list. Being a mom for the past 12 yrs and moving around more than I care to say , I have been to a few daycare centers with my kids. This one has VERY experienced teachers, its always clean, they serve healthy meals and both the little ones who go there are happy to be dropped off in the morning and happy (but tired) when we go home. They get the kids outside and get them active. Even when its too hot or stormy outside they still do physical activities vs sitting in front of the tv all rainy day and watching movies. My kids have 5 teachers between two rooms AND my kids are always with someone familiar. I love the activities / art work that gets sent home and so what if my kids have some lunch still on their shirt?! They got fed! I like both the director and the assistant very much. You can tell they truly care about each and every one of those kids! Thumbs waaaay up!
Jennifer Barbosa
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While granted EVERY daycare has it's puts and downs this one has got to be at the top of my list. Being a mom for the past 12 yrs and moving around more than I care to say , I have been to a few daycare centers with my kids. This one has VERY experienced teachers, its always clean, they serve healthy meals and both the little ones who go there are happy to be dropped off in the morning and happy (but tired) when we go home. They get the kids outside and get them active. Even when its too hot or stormy outside they still do physical activities vs sitting in front of the tv all rainy day and watching movies. My kids have 5 teachers between two rooms AND my kids are always with someone familiar. I love the activities / art work that gets sent home and so what if my kids have some lunch still on their shirt?! They got fed! I like both the director and the assistant very much. You can tell they truly care about each and every one of those kids! Thumbs waaaay up!
Rachel Romero
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The daycare/preschool is WONDERFUL!! I love Miss Amira and the other teachers, I love Kerrie and Jennifer in the office. The food is great, the staff is great, the facilities are great. Everybody is warm and caring. I feel safe sending my kids there - especially with the Watch Me Grow video cameras.
Tamara Hall
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Scottsdale Early Learning Center is a great daycare. My son has been attending here since he was a infant. The staff is great, the facility is clean, kids are well taken care of and it's affordable. Great daycare.
Brian LaGreca
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The director at Scottsdale Early Learning center is very helpful. Sarah was very flexible and made our transition to the after school program very easy.
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Ashley Mahoney

Center Director

Meet Our Director

Hi! I’m Ashley Mahoney. As the director of Scottsdale School, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you and your family. After graduating from an ECE program in 2020, I have dedicated my professional career to educating and working with young children. Over the years, I have had a chance to work with children as young as 6 months all the way up to 11 years old. In addition, I also completed CDA Child Development Associates and Food Safe certifications, First Aid certification plus additional workshops related to early education. For me, nothing can replace that feeling of joy that comes when you see children learning and growing right before your eyes – it’s one of life’s greatest rewards!  I am very excited to work with Scottsdale early learning centers and to get to know you and your family.

All Meals Are Provided

We are proud to be part of the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).  We provide breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack times throughout the day and meals are included in tuition to make sure every child has access to them. We believe that providing nutritious meals helps children have more energy for learning and gives them the fuel they need to succeed in life.


We want children as early as possible to appreciate the importance of reaching out beyond themselves and into the community. Small Miracles schools offer a range of programs for children 6 weeks to 12 years.

Infant Program

At Small Miracles, we know that a baby's growth and development depends on individualized care and experiences. That is why we make it our focus to meet the needs of each infant. To do so, we provide our staff of caregiver educators with the tools they need to develop strong connections and trust with each baby they interact with. This trust allows the little ones to feel secure and confident enough to take part in play as well as early childhood learning activities. We are committed to providing this supportive environment, ensuring that your baby gets the best start possible.

junior preschool AZ

Toddler Program

We understand that the transition to toddlerhood can be a tumultuous one. Every child is unique and has their own needs and wants that must be respected during this challenging time. With our experienced teachers, we strive to craft an environment where children can explore, learn, and make progress with self-reliance. As with all of our classrooms, we attempt to control the environment, not the little people in it. When our teachers fill the classroom with wonder and awe, children focus on reading, dancing, singing, painting, playing and so much more!

preschool AZ

Preschool Program

This is another step on the journey of life. While want to prepare children to be successful in school, we know they will be if we take great advantage of the time we have together. Instead of pushing developmentally inappropriate lessons and activities on our children, our teachers work to plan for each child’s needs - whether they are learning to hold a pencil, write their name, learn conflict resolution skills and so much more. We know that children who experience child centered environments perform better in elementary school and in life. This confidence pushed us to offer the very best.

Before & After-School Program

A great way to keep your kids active and learning outside of school hours. Parents can take advantage of our before & after-school program and give their kids an engaging experience outside of the classroom. From exploring the creative arts, to playing spirited sports, to getting that much-needed homework help, there's something for everyone. Plus, we provide the convenience of transportation to and from schools, so parents don't have to worry about a hectic schedule. Transportation is provided to and from local schools and our classrooms are open all day on school holidays.

We Offer Quality First Scholarships

All Small Miracles locations participate in First Things First’s signature program, Quality First. Quality First works with child care and preschool providers across Arizona to improve the quality of their early learning settings for children from birth to age 5. We also offer Quality First Scholarships that cover most or all of the cost of child care for children 0 – 5. Please contact a location near you to find out about scholarship availability.

We are committed to quality improvement and going beyond regulatory requirements to help the infants, toddlers and preschoolers be ready for success in kindergarten and beyond. Our strong belief is that continuous quality improvement not only benefits our children but out teachers and community equally. For more information, visit

How to Enroll

At Small Miracles, we understand that finding quality child care can be a difficult task. That’s why we’ve made it easy to get started at one of our locations. Simply follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to providing your child with the care they need and deserve.

Schedule a Tour – or just drop in!
We will be happy to see you!
The process of registering your child is easy and straightforward. First, schedule a tour of one of our facilities by clicking the button below, or just drop in. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you have and show you around.
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Step 2: Complete & Submit Registration Forms
Once you've decided that Small Miracles Education is the right fit for your family, the next step is to fill out a registration form. This can be done online or in person at our office. After we receive your registration form, we will follow up with you to confirm enrollment and provide you with all the information you need to get started.
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Step 3: Look forward to your child’s first day of school!
Registering your child for school is an exciting milestone! Once you're registered, your child will have access to our innovative curriculum, experienced teachers, and state-of-the-art facilities. And you can look forward to your child’s first day of school!
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Keeping Families Connected

At Small Miracles Preschools, we understand how important it is for our families to stay connected with us and their child’s development. That’s why we’ve made sure that WatchMeGrow® helps bridge the gap between home and school. Our exclusive family app gives parents peace of mind, allowing them to keep an eye on their precious ones with live streaming video of the classroom and much more. Keep up-to-date with your child’s progress throughout the day with WatchMeGrow®!

Proud to be Nationally Accredited!

Of the 2,000+ early childhood centers in Arizona only 10% are nationally accredited. Most Small Miracles schools are nationally accredited.

Being accredited is a rigorous process that includes the evaluation of your schools overall educational program and its adherence to the best early learning practices. In the United States only 5% of all early learning centers are accredited.

Care & Security for Your Child

We welcome you to experience our top rated childcare facilities in person. Visit us to learn more about our quality preschool programs to see if Small Miracles is the best fit for your family.

Request a Tour

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